Digital Marketing Plan For Your Dental Practice

Running a successful dental practice in India has become highly competitive where you also need to build up your brand and reputation. Let’s understand what all things you need to consider while setting up marketing plan for your dental practice.

1. Budget

The rule of thumb says that you should invest at least 10% of your annual revenue in all the possibilities that has potential to grow your dental practice but if you have started your practice recently then in that case you can even start with zero budgets.

2. Marketing Channels

Let’s consider your 10% yearly revenue as your 100% marketing budget. Now you have to make sure that you use this budget in multiple activities throughout the year & not on just any one activity. Your activities may include staff training & development, CSR, Internal marketing, Digital Marketing but make sure that all of these activities are within DCI guidelines.

3. Channel Selection

As seen above, there are multiple ways to market your practice but to determine effectiveness of channels is again confusing. Your marketing channel selection should be decided on the basis of your practice location, your clinical experience, treatments that you offer, education level of your patients and finally on how your practice is differentiated..

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