The Occlusion Masterclass, Pune

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Date : 24-08-2019 To 25-08-2019
Duration : 4 Days
Timing : 09:30 AM To 06:00 PM
Total Hours : 36 Hrs
Category : Prosthodontics
Available Seats :
Venue : PYC Hindu Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra, India
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Pune Occlusion Team Presents

The Occlusion Masterclass

A Series of Lecture + Hands-on Workshops

Pune Occlusion Team's Master Clinician programme is directed towards achieving proficiency in managing complex clinical situations. It enables the clinician to understand, diagnose and treat occlusal disease with the help of universal occlusal principles at the same time keeping the understanding and management aspects of the treatment very simple.

It will make the clinicians feel confident about the treatment they are rendering and ensure that it will be durable dentistry.

It is a perfect foil for the clinician to take a giant leap towards becoming a master clinician and a stand-out practitioner.


Module 1: Diagnostic protocols for occlusal therapy (Two days)

24th & 25th Aug 2019


Day 1:

Lectures: 9.30 am to 6 pm

1. Occlusion and its significance in clinical dentistry

A. Reasons of unexplained damage to the dentition and restorations

B. Role of occlusion in long term stability of dental treatments


2. Occlusal diseases

A. Aetiology

B. Clinical Picture

C. Prototyping Of Patients


3. Understanding the masticatory system

A. Anatomy

B. Balance S. harmony

C. Co-ordinated muscle activity

D. What is stable occlusion


4. Face-bow and articulator simplified


Demonstrations and Hands-on exercises

1. Diagnostic impressions

2. Muscle examination

3. TMJ examination

4. Face-bow record

5. Maxillary cast articulation


Day 2:

Lectures: 9.30 am to 4 pm

1. Centric relation - The starting treatment to the patient point of occlusal analysis and therapy Demonstrations and Hands-on exercises


2. Recording the Centric Relation

A. Use of anterior deprogrammer

B. Bimanual manipulation method with load test


3. Introduction to occlusal therapy

A. Goals of occlusal therapy

B. Communicating the need for treatment to the patient


Demonstrations and Hands-on exercises

1. Fabrication of anterior deprogrammer

2. Bimanual manipulation

3. Load test

4. Centric relation record

5. Articulation of mandibular cast

6. Setting up the articulator




Module 2: Treatment planning and clinical protocols for occlusal therapy (Two days)


Day 1:

Lectures: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

1. Understanding methods of occlusal therapy

A. Repositioning

B. Reductive

C. Additive

D. Combination of above


2. An Insight into TMDs, facial pain & occlusal splints

A. Basic understanding of TMDs and oro-facial pain

B. Role of occlusal splints in management of TMDs

C. Splint designs


3. Treatment planning sequence

A. Treatment planning matrix

B. Plane of occlusion

C. Anterior guidance

D. Posterior Disclusion


4. Decision making about Vertical Dimension

A. To increase or not to increase!

B. Is it always safe to play with the vertical dimension?


5. Reductive Equilibration:

A. Step by Step guide

B. Do's and Don'ts


Day 2:

Lectures: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm


1. Occlusion & Aesthetics

A. Occlusion for durable aesthetics

B. An update on latest aesthetic materials.


Hands —on Exercise: (Day 1 & 2)

Hands-on exercises will be performed on diagnostic models mounted on semi-adjustable articulator with the help of facebow 8, CR record. Includes detail discussion + step by step treatment planning of 3 different clinical situations.


Hands-on Exercise #1 (Day 1)

Treatment planning for fully reductive occlusal therapy.


Hands-on exercise # 2 (Day 2)

Treatment planning for additive + reductive occlusal therapy (Anterior wax-up + posterior reductive equilibration)


Hands-on exercise # 3 (Day 2)

Treatment planning for fully additive occlusal therapy (Full arch diagnostic wax-up)



Module 1: Rs.20,000/-

Module 2: Rs.20,000/-


Account Details:

Pune Occlusion Team

Current A/c – 50200037670343

IFSC Code -HDFC0000427

HDFC Bank, Narayan Peth, Pune.

Pune Occlusion Team Presents


Module 1: Rs.20,000/-

Module 2: Rs.20,000/-


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Account Details:

Pune Occlusion Team

Current A/c – 50200037670343

IFSC Code -HDFC0000427

HDFC Bank, Narayan Peth, Pune.

Pune Occlusion Team Presents

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