Get DF Points

Complete Your Profile: %

You can earn 25 DF points by simply completing your profile. Remember this option is available only once per user. DFP earned by this method will have a validity of 28 days.

Login Every 24 Hours:

25 DFP automatically credited to your account for FREE on loggingin after 24 hours of your last login . DFP earned by this method has a validity of 24 hours.

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Refer to your dentist friends & get 25 DF points with 28 days validity on every sign up.

Share a post below on Facebook to get 50 DF points with 24 hr validity. Sharing limited to one post per day.

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Buy DF Points:

You can choose to buy DFP directly. The payment methods are secured and one can pay using Debit Card/ Credit card/ PayTM and many such ways.

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