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How To Choose Your Air-Rotor Handpiece?

Air rotors are honourably the extension of a dentists working hand and the clinician today is extremely dependent on the optimal performance of his/her rotors to ensure a smooth functional practice.

 October 17th, 2017    By Dr. Moez Khakiani Read More 
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Facts & Myths About Use Of Botulinum Toxin in Dentistry!

We get afraid after hearing the word toxin but this toxin has the real role to play in dental treatments. It is the toxin that helps to age gracefully.

 August 4th, 2016    By Dr. Shourya Sharma Read More 
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Clinical Dentistry: Should Dental Professionals Practice Botox & Dermal Fillers?

Use of Botox in dentistry is relatively a new discovery, so probably its acceptance will take some time among Indian dental professionals. 

 July 28th, 2016    By Dr. Shourya Sharma Read More 
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Communication Tips For Beginners In Implant Practice

This blog post gives you insights on how to communicate effectively with patients seeking dental implant treatment.

 July 25th, 2016    By Dr. Nilesh Bhimani Read More 
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5 Things To Consider Before Joining Courses At Any Dental Academy

This blog post is about the factors to consider before joining any dental workshop or academy.

 July 25th, 2016    By Dr. Varun Bajaj Read More 
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How To Deal, When You Are Asked For Guarantee On Dental Implants?

"Why do patients ask for guarantee of implant?" I found the answer when I looked at the treatment option with patient’s perception.

 July 19th, 2016    By Dr. Akash Akinwar Read More 
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Dental Photography: Are You In Focus?

Despite having innumerable hours of experience with shooting I have met many dentists who pursue dental photography in the AUTO mode.

 June 29th, 2015    By Dental Photography School Read More 
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Clinical Dentistry Tips: 3 Keys To The Perfect Bisque Trial

Unfortunately both these can have long term deleterious effects on the patients dentition and thus we clinicians should refrain from such erroneous practice.

 June 29th, 2015    By Dr. Moez Khakiani Read More 
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How To Have A Bargaining Free Dental Practice?

In my last blog you saw how differentiation can help to have a competition free practice. I had also mentioned about adding "Extra Value", in this blogpost let’

 May 16th, 2015    By Dr. Pranav Agale Read More 
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Occupational Hazards and Prevention In Dentistry- An Overview

Despite numerous technical advances in recent years, many occupational health problems still persist in modern dentistry viz. exposure to infections 

 April 11th, 2015    By Dr. Sandra Earnst Read More