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Man Gets Popcorn Stuck in His Tooth, Leading to Major Heart Surgery

A British man nearly lost his life after getting a piece of popcorn stuck in his teeth. Adam Martin, 41, developed a life-threatening infection and had to undergo open heart surgery after trying to dislodge the popco

 January 31st, 2020       By Read More  
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The Dental Photography Calendar 2019-2020

Dental photography school released the 3rd edition of its calendar in January this year. The idea of world dental photography calendar was to encourage all dentists to undertake better documentation. Each year in Nov

 February 7th, 2019       By Dr. Mayur Davda Read More  
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Finally, Your Tooth Enamel Can Be Regenerated!

Tooth enamel, the outer part of the teeth, is the hardest tissue in the body. It enables our teeth to function for a large part of our life despite biting forces, exposure to acidic foods and drinks, and extreme temp

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CWG 2018: Heena Sidhu, A Dentist, Wins Gold In Womens Pistol Event

With one hand in her pocket and the other on the trigger, Heena Sidhu, who is also a qualified dentist, today won India's third gold medal in shooting at the 21st Commonwealth Games, going about her task with the

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CBI Raids Govt Dental College After Admission Malpractices Reported

A team from CBI, Chennai, undertook a surprise search at the Mahatma Gandhi postgraduate institute of dental sciences, a Puducherry government institution, on Tuesday and seized several documents related to admission

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Win Gifts Worth $900! Participate In World's Only Dental Photography Calendar

A big shout out to all my friends in the dental profession...

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Dentists Can Work As Physicians Soon!

If all falls in line dentists may soon be able to work as physician. Representatives of dental doctors' association are working to get approval for three-year bridge course after comple

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Asthma & Gum Disease

Asthma sufferers have been found to be at a much higher risk of developing gum disease, according to the findings of an innovative new piece of research.

 November 16th, 2017       By Admin Read More  
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Thousands Of Dental Patients Fined For Claiming Free Treatment

More than 27,000 patients including vulnerable people with dementia and learning difficulties were mistakenly issued £100 penalties between May 2014 and July 2016.

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Association: Fake Dentistry Can Kill

The dental profession is saddened by the apparent lack of awareness on the seriousness of  “fake dentistry” being practised, said the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA).  

 October 10th, 2017       By Admin Read More