Things To Consider If You Are A Beginner In Implantology!

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Posted On: February 16th, 2017      
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1. Know Implantology First Before Proceeding

I had seen so many young emerging dentist putting implants haphazardly without knowing much about Implantology. My sincere advice to them is to please go through proper protocol and learning before jumping into it. It is not only procedure but it is a science and we need to learn & understand it thoroughly if we want to achieve long term success.


2. Choose Proper Mentor or Courses

From whom you learnt Implantology is more important. Irrespective of systems and methods your mentor plays a crucial role in your learning curves. Today so many young dentists doing courses without much experience. Please choose your proper mentor who had done so many cases who can surely guide you about failures also. Don’t choose courses which are nearer to you or cheaper only.


3. Consider Implantology equal combination of Prosthesis and Implant together as a single outcome

So many people only consider placing implant is a win game. Actually once after experience of 10 years of implantology I can surely say that placing prosthetically driven implant is really challenging. So learn more about complex rather than focusing on only placing implant.


4. Do proper Exercise before placing implant

Surgical Implant placement is not the only thing, even everyone can do it. The only concerned thing is to see proper bone height, width, quality of bone, systemic conditions, angulations, inter arch distance, prosthetic outcome, overall dental hygiene, bad habits etc.
Do proper exercise and you should have proper map on paper before putting implant.


5. Never Do Implant without CBCT or at least OPG

IOPA or OPG shows only bi-dimensional image and Implantology is 3D Science. So always make habits of CBCT before putting implants. If you don’t have CBCT Centre in your city than please make sure to take diagnostic casts and articulate them, if possible make RPD with marker in tooth and then go for OPG and place implant where u planned. Surgical Guide which is prosthetically driven can help you in guiding.


6. System is not that much important but Good system saves u in many places

System is not that much important as good skilled persons can place any implant of any system in a patient with a good success rate. 
But in initial phase good systems will help you a lot even though you made mistakes in angulations,  placements etc.
Choose a system which has many prosthetic options and according to availability, their success stories, easiness, their frequent supply and proper person in your city to help you out.


7. Don’t Jump in Implantology without proper planning and protocol

Any case of implants should be done as a protocol.Starting from IOPA, OPG, CBCT, Preoperative Cast, Articulation, Proper history of Patient, System, Inter-arch Distance, Proper Blood Investigations, Pre-operative antibiotics, Physician concern if required, routing follow ups in healing phase with x rays, Transfer copings , trials and then final fixation.


8. Don’t Let your patient be judgmental in decision making in any steps of Implantology

So many times your patient will demand for immediate placement, immediate loading, less number of implants etc but don’t let them decisive. Take decisions only on your planning even if they have hurry let them decide but be firm on your planning.


9. Don’t be hurry on giving treatment Estimate on day one

Always make a habit of analyzing case with necessary history, intra-oral examinations, investigations, articulated upper and lower casts and all necessary prosthetic options like angulated or castable abutments, any screw retained or hybrid prosthesis etc…
You can also discuss with you lab person before proceedings.
So many times dentists give quotations on day one without knowing much and later they put themselves in troubles and they don’t earn much at the end. Don’t be hurry, take your own time to analyze everything and give quotation after all necessary planning.


10. Do surgeries with all armamentarium.

You should have all necessary equipments and material s on hand at the time of surgery. Bone grafts, membranes, exapnders, condensers etc please arrange before surgery. I had seen so many dentists search for all these during the surgery. These will reflect lack of your ability to work and patient will easily notice this too.


11. Teamwork

Teamwork is like your weak part can be corrected by a stronger substitute. Call any prosthodontist or periodontist if you want few procedures to be associated and give fantastic results.  Make a small group of interested people and do work together, they can guide in treatment planning and also in placement. Discuss regularly regarding Implantology and you will get wonderful knowledge and confidence.


12. Last but not least COST

After knowing this much you must be understood how much headache is in implantology. Don’t do it in less charge. Initially if you want to learn place few implants at less profit but don’t do charity. After few cases analyze what you are expending on cases and then charge accordingly with proper profits.

Friends, so many factors still missing, but I tried to add as much as I can.

*Implantology is future of Dentistry and this branch can easily make you millionaire provided you learn it properly and apply it with all your master skills.*

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