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The Impact Of COVID-19 on Dental Practices!

In December 2019, a viral infection spread in China named novel coronavirus (COVID-19) or the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV-2). This infection rapidly spread throughout the world and become COVID pandemic. 

 June 12th, 2021    By Dr. Ravleen Boparai Read More 
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How to practice in CANADA after BDS?

If you are planning to practice in Canada after BDS then you are at right place. I have shared all the details on how you can practice in Canada after BDS from India.

 August 14th, 2019    By Dr. Pranav Agale Read More 
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5 Time Management Tips For Private Dental Practitioners

Time once gone does not come back. Therefore, it is essential to utilize every minute of life in a useful way. 

 May 10th, 2017    By Dr. Nabankita R. Chowdhury Read More 
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Myths & Facts About Doctors

Here is a list of some myths and facts that people have about doctors. 

 April 30th, 2017    By The Anonymous Dentist Read More 
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Dental Practice Management: Grow and Let Others Grow!

It is in almost every group or discussion forum, there is a discussion of fellow dentist criticizing/badmouthing the other in front of patients or ridiculing

 March 8th, 2017    By The Anonymous Dentist Read More 
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Challenges Faced By Married Women In Dentistry & Solutions!

A woman dentist is considered successful if she has balanced her family and professional life. In this post read about how you can manage it easily.

 February 27th, 2017    By Dr. Ishita Uday Ganatra Read More 
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Things To Consider If You Are A Beginner In Implantology!

Since few days people were asking what should be taken care as a beginner in implantology ? Tried to sort out few points, may be it can be useful for you.

 February 16th, 2017    By Dr. Nilesh Bhimani Read More 
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How To Design Your Dental Clinic - Part 2

The main reason we all want to have successful clinic is for a better future for our self and our families.

 January 12th, 2017    By Dr. Debashree Chandak Read More 
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Being Dentist: Love It, Live It, Worth It!

Some of the Indian Dentists say Nowadays Dentistry is saturated in India. You will not find the scope of Dentistry even when you look through microscope. 

 October 10th, 2016    By Dr. Varun Bajaj Read More 
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How To Grow Your Dental Practice With Blogging?

In this technology driven world people prefer to get more information about the product or service before availing them. 

 September 20th, 2016    By Dr. Pranav Agale Read More