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Founder Director - Praxis360 Marketing Pvt. Ltd

Dr.Pranav Agale is a Founder Director of Praxis360 Marketing Pvt. Ltd. and DentistFriend.com is his brainchild. He is an MBA from Indira Institute of Management, Pune and a BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) from Nashik University.

He has experience in E-branding and marketing. He is a marketing consultant for some of the reputed dental clinics in India; his diverse work area includes Web development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing etc.

His success included creating a social media and online advertising campaign that generated enormous media buzz and was key to the successful launch of the DentistFriend.com in Feb 2014. He pursue new opportunities and can be reached either through this profile or by phone at +91 8805 7705 00

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