How to write blogs for your dental practice?

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Posted On: December 18th, 2017      

In the 1st part of this series, I answered some frequently asked questions like, 

1. What is a blog? 

2. How blogging can help to grow your practice? 

3. How to create a blogger account?


Now in this part let's understand how to write a blog for your dental practice. The 1st question that will have is What to write? You can simply write about treatments that you offer or any particular case that you did and any other topics related to dentistry that you think defines your practice.


How to write blogs for your dental practice?

If you are completely clueless on how to write then you can follow the trick that I use. Every story or a blog has 4 components




4.Happy Ending


Now let’s see, How to use these components for writing a blog post?

1.Start the blog post with the problem i.e patient’s chief complaint

2.In the body, write about treatment options

3.In solution write about the treatment you did

4.In the end write about patients feedback


When you write a blog post make sure it is short, sweet and is easy to understand. To make it further easy, during consultation you can record the conversation between you and your patient on your smart phone. Later you can convert the recorded audio file into a text file with free online tools. After which all you have to do is little bit of editing & you are done!


Friends this whole process doesn’t even take half an hour, if you could do it for at least one case every month, you will have 12 blogs published by the end of year. It’s simple easy and free, that will open new doors for your practice!


You can download the blogger application from play store or app store to continue writing on the go. You can also track visitors on your blog by integrating it with Google Analytics.