Be Our Guest

If you are reading this, you have already become our guest anyway but please allow us to set the guidelines of how to be a guest writer.

First rule is that you may or may not be a blogger but you should be a dentist or a dental student. As long as you have something to say about dentistry, clinical cases or anything in an around dentistry for that matter, you are at the right place. We publish content which has been written considering dental students or dentists as their readers & not patients.

We always welcome guest posts provided they are plagiarism free, related to our categories & written considering our audience.

Another rule mandates all guest posts to remain on a non-profit basis. If your intent is to promote a business or advertise a product, please contact us with the specifics and website details. We would very much like to cooperate.

You have a voice; it can be heard via writing. You too can send in your entries to be our Blog Guest Writer. Should you wish, you may even become an author on DentistFriend by sending an image of you and a short biography of not more than 100 words.

What Can You Write?

We prefer articles and stories that contain helpful and interesting content in the field of dentistry, dental student life and dental practice. If you are presenting something as a “fact”, please provide the appropriate references and links for verification.

You will, of course, be given full credit for the article with your name and if you’d like, your website or blog linked. You retain full copyrights of your work; we retain the right to post your article.

Now that you are here, why don't you take a glimpse at this list of topics? Don't forget to mention about what topic awakens your gut the most to become our guest writer in the email you send me.

I cannot wait check my inboxes from now until next year! :)

• Dental Clinical Cases

• Dental Social

• Dental Collage Life

• Dental Practice Management

• Dental News

• Dental Technology

• Dental Practice Marketing

• Dental Student Information

Do you happen to have more topics to add to this list? Well, you know what to do :) Please do not feel personal if you come across a topic you have strongest opinions about. Please instead leave a comment or contact me with your thoughts, or a writing conveying your messages.