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Dr. Debashree Chandak graduated in 2011 from VSPM Dental College Nagpur. She joined Kings College London in 2013 and passed with merit and, received the degree for masters in Clinical Dentistry in fixed and removable prosthodontics in 2017 she are the director of Dantspa.

Dantspa aims at breaking myths in dentistry and promote high quality luxurious dental treatment for its patients. It also aims to guide dental students for options after BDS and MDS as well as clinic and brand designing for dentists.

Debashree has special love for composite and does lot of Full Mouth Rehabilitation using chair side techniques. She wants to dentists to practice more of composite as minimally invasive and affordable to an average Indian patient’s option, even for Full Mouth Rehabilitation. She works as a consultant in Nagpur for rehab and aesthetic cases.

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