What After BDS: Earn and Learn! WHY GO ABROAD?

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Posted On: July 19th, 2016      
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Year 2012;  of course I remember, that was my most terrible year. I had completed my BDS and landed in the state of dilemma like every other fresher dental graduate of India, with the same old question, “What After BDS?” Trust me, this “what next?” phase is very irritating and annoying. During this phase anyone will come to you and throw some bunch of advices on what to do after BDS even the ones who do not know much about dentistry.


Here’s the list of some typical advices.. 


1. Tu Practice Kar.. Practice; Ya Ek Kam Kar Khudka Dental Clinic Kholde..


2. One of my friend did MBA after BDS, you also do it.. bahot scope hai...


3. Ya sabse best PG karle...


And then the time came to make a choice. When I decided to go for PG, I discovered some bitter facts. First is that there aren’t many colleges left in our country from where you actually get to learn and get that feeling of being a post graduate. Secondly; perusing PG from reputed dental institutes in India is very STRESSFUL. 


After doing a lot of research I found out about courses which let you study along with clinical practice. Yes post graduation life is a stressful one but not for me. I opted for distance learning masters program from King’s College, by far one of the best choices of my life. There are many universities in various countries which have designed their Masters courses for foreign students who are into clinical practice already. These courses are for those who are willing to acquire special skills but cannot afford to leave a running practice for a full time course. They are designed in a way that you can study along with your private clinical practice. 


Why this course over my regular MDS course??


Regular MDS is a full time course where you have to read, struggle, do as your teachers and seniors say and finish your course and then start your career. Too long?? Too cumbersome?? Part time courses give you an opportunity to take a break from your clinical practice, travel abroad and not only learn fine skills but also look at the bigger picture in dentistry! It is more than just root canals and crowns! Trust me.....


The standard of teaching is very good. Though lot of course content is online but the hands on sessions are great. The teachers are so learned and well adept with the current technologies and biomaterials. Student guides are also great. They are warm, friendly and true mentors! This course allowed me to enter into private practice which postgraduates in a country like ours get to do after 3 years of the MDS course. Not only did I learn what and how is private practice but also learnt master skills through the course.


Most Master courses have recognition all over the World except a few countries, but who cares, it makes you capable enough that people look at your work and not your degree! But people who wish to get into academics and teaching profession should reconsider because of recognition issues. But if you want a private practice I’d say go for such courses!


Course fee is also comparable to the MDS here in India. So think twice before enrolling your name for any course. Look out for options, weigh the pros and cons and choose the life you wished for. If you need any help please feel free to get in touch on below details..


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