What After BDS: Clearing The Confusing Clouds

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Posted On: October 12th, 2016      
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After my last post on What After BDS? I have been getting lot of emails from young minds to help for guidance for abroad studies. I have been in that stage where you do not know what do to and need some expert advice. 

Here are few things you need to think about when you plan your future


If you have just cleared your final year or internship, you may not have a clear idea about which subject to choose. I would suggest get in to general practice for a year. Do all kinds of dentistry. In this one year time, you will develop a liking for a subject which you would like to pursue masters in. This one year will also add to your resume about what kind of clinical experience. Most colleges (outside India) do not entertain freshers for masters program. They need at least 1-2 years of clinical experience for application. This is applicable for clinical and management programs.


Future Plan:
Plan to settle abroad or come back? - Most countries do not recognise our Indian BDS. They do consider you for Masters/BDS but you cannot practice in their country without passing the licence exam. Clearing the license exam involves studying, time and money. So if you are sure you want to settle in that particular country you can start preparing for the license from day 1 or just study and come back.


Another important aspect. Arranging finances can be difficult for few people. Full time courses are very expensive. You can look out for part time courses which are less expensive. If you plan to settle in that country, you have to be prepared for all kinds of expenses and probably some familial help to get you settled. You can always apply for loans and get started with.


Most major countries do give a student visa. It also depends on the country and course. I am wondering the state of USA visa if Trumph wins!! It’s not that easy to crack in the UK visa for work permit because you need to get an employment letter after the degree which may not be easy for everyone.

Young minds- are very enthusiastic. I know this because I was one. You should talk to lot of people who are in different countries. People who have settled from India to abroad in recent times. Their struggle stories are real eye openers. It may be easy for a few but majorly people take about 3-5 years to settle down. This should make you think about the time and money invested in all this. Are you ready for this kind of commitment and dedication? I am not writing this to demoralise you guys. But you should know the non glamorous side also before putting your foot in it. Do not just blindly follow someone coz its looks so pretty!

Hope these points will help you guys think on the right track and take proper decisions for future life. Stay tuned in for more action….


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