Clinical Dentistry: Should Dental Professionals Practice Botox & Dermal Fillers?

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A lot is being talked and argued about the administration of Botox by dental professionals in India. Many dentists believe that Botox and Dermal fillers belong to dermatology and dentists should not perform these procedures; which is actually a misconception. This misbelief is because not many dentists in India are aware of the significant benefits that Botox has as an adjunct therapy in many dental procedures.


Use of Botox in dentistry is relatively a new discovery, so probably its acceptance will take some time among Indian dental professionals. If you are a dentist practicing in India and have the same misconception then this blog is for you. I am hopeful that after reading this article your false impression will fade away to some extent.


The first thing that I want all the dentists to realize is that we are part of the medical sphere and we dentists are “real doctors.” Every time when we inject LA into a patient, we are delivering a medicinal agent into the human body that has real systemic complications. The only difference is; we have received special training and mastered to deliver local anesthetic into the human body and are comfortable in dealing with the complications. By the way, I would like share a fact that the adverse reactions and complications associated with the LA that we use every day in our dental practice are far more serious than those with Botox and Dermal fillers.



After training hundreds of dentists in India; I can say that, with proper training on Botox & Dermal fillers even you can become equally comfortable in administration of Botox like you are with local anesthetic. In fact I believe that we dentists can do it better in relation to other medical professionals when it comes to head-neck-face region as we are specialized in it.


Here are some dental treatments where you can use Botox & Dermal fillers:


1. Temporo Mandibular Joint Disorder

2. Bruxism

3. Facial Pain

4. Gummy Smile

5. Full Mouth Rehabilitation

6. Smile Designing


All the problems that I have mentioned above fall in the realm of dentistry and dentist. I believe, no other medical professional can do justice to such dental originated problems except a dentist. So let's not take these issues as a profession and stop letting politics get in the way of science & common sense. If you still feel that Botox and Dermal fillers are not for dentists then you seriously need to re-think!!!


I will share some of the cases that I have treated with Botox and Dermal Fillers in my upcoming blog posts.