Common Mistakes That can Destroy Dental Clinic Website


We all understand how important it is to have a website for dental practice. If you are planning to get a new website soon or already having one, then do consider these suggestions & avoid the most common mistakes.

MISTAKE: 1 Content

Plagiarism (Copyscape): Do not simply copy-paste the content from other websites because copied content is immediately identified by Google, leading to penalty. Once your website is penalized, the visibility of your website goes down. What's the use of a website that doesn't even appear in Google search?

Medical Terminologies: When you write about treatments please avoid medical terms; as the website is meant for patients & they won't understand the medical terms. For example: Instead of writing "midline diastema" use space in anterior teeth. Instead of using "maxilla" write upper jaw.

MISTAKE: 2 Presentation

Clinical Cases: Majority of the patients recognize changes in esthetics only when you show them the complete facial profile. So when you put cases on website, try to show as much part of face as possible, as simply looking at the dentition can be annoying for your patients. Make sure that you have patient’s permission before you publish his/her clinical photographs on your website.

Images: Do not post images of surgical cases with blood field as it might scare your patient and probably some of them might avoid the treatment after seeing blood field, surgery or the complexity of treatment.

MISTAKE: 3 Proof Reading

There are bright chances of your development team not having knowledge about dentistry resulting in some really stupid mistakes. So as a dentist you should make sure you take care of certain areas in order to avoid them.

After all not everyone is lucky to have in-house development team with a dedicated dentist for content writing, like we have it at DentistFriend!


Finally, it's rude to say but it is better not to have a website than having incomplete or an unorganized one. So do not even think of developing the website on your own as there are more chances that you will end up making a poor website even after wasting significant amount of time.