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Workshop Details
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Date : 25-04-2024 To 28-04-2024
Duration : 1 Year
Timing : 09:00 AM To 06:00 PM
Total Hours : 360 Hours
Category : Orthodontics
Available Seats : Contact For Details
Venue : Juhu Supreme Shopping Centre, Gulmohar 9th Crossroad Juhu Scheme MumbaiĀ 400049, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Learn Clinical Orthodontics right from case selection and diagnosis till treatment planning and execution. 

Demo & Hands On
Live Patients

Duration : 4 Modules

First Module 4 Days
Second Module 2 Days
Third Module 2 Days
Fourth Module 2 Days
   Total 10 Days

Spread over 10 to 12 Months. 

Module Details:

Module 1
1. Introduction & Terminology
2. Normal Occlusion & Malocclusion
3. Diagnosis
4. Record Analysis
5. Treatment Planning
6. Bonding
7. Appliances
8. Archwire Sequencing
9. Oral Hygiene During Treatment
10. Anchorage
11. Finishing and Detailing
12. Retention

Module 2
1. Recap of Module 1
2. The Biologic Basis of Orthodontic Treatment
3. Banding Procedure
4. Clinical Photography
5. Mixed Detention Treatment
6. Fixed Expansion Appliances
7. Dentofacial Orthopedics
8. Model Analysis
9. Open & Closed Coil Springs and Elastics
10. Clinical Tips
11. Clinical Errors

Module 3
1. Recap of Module 1 and 2
2. Bio-Mechanics
3. Wire Bending 
4. Adult Orthodontics
5. Ceramic Brackets
6. Pre-Prosthetics Orthodontics
7. Canine Exposure Mechanics
8. Management of Class III
9. Air Rotor Stripping 
10. Management of Deep Bite and Open Bite

Module 4
1. Recap of Module 1, 2 and 3
2. Stage II and Retraction Mechanics
3. Aligner Protocol
4. Treatment Planning 
5. Orthodontic Components and Uses
6. Begg’s Techniques
7. Lingual Orthodontics Overview
8. Indirect Bonding
9. Management of Class III 
10. Finishing and Detailing 
11. Orthodontic Micro-Implants
12. Mutilated Dentition
13. Retention


Curriculum First Module:
Day 1 :
1. Introduction to Orthdontics and  Case Selection .
2. Diagnosis:

          a. Case History Taking.
          b. Functional Screening of Patients.
          c. Model Analysis - Lecture and Hands-on.
          d. Cephalometric Analysis - Lecture
                                                   Demonstration of Ceph. tracing
         e. O.P.G. Analysis
         f.  Photographic Analysis
3. Video of Bonding - Case 1.
Day 2
Revision of Day1.

Treatment Planning:
            a. Overview of Appliances
            b. Extraction Vs. Non-extraction Decision making
Bonding on Ideal Casts - Demo and Hands-on.
Placement of Archwire.
The Orthodontic Appliance Lecture.
The First Archwire Lecture.
Bonding on Typodont set in severe malocclusion- Hands-on
Mentor demonstrating Bonding and first archwire placement on patient.
Day 3
Revision of Day 2.

Mechano-Therapy Lecture.
Placement of Archwire on Typodont.
Simulation of Orthodontic Tooth Movement ( by placing typodont in
specially created warm water bath. The wax softens and teeth move under pressure from the archwire simulating movements as they happen in the oral cavity)
-`Live patients.
Simulation of Archwires in sequence on the Typodonts.
Day 4.
Revision of Day 3.

Finishing and Detailing Lecture.
Wire bending demonstration and hands-on.
Wire bending for Typodont.
Live patients.
Debonding Video.
Retention Lecture.
Table discussions.
Candidates Cases Analysis.
Allocation of Seminar Topics.
All Participants will get
a. Hand-outs.
b. Material for Hands-on activities.
c. Complimentary set of Pliers.

Complimentary Imported Plier Set worth Rs.18,000/-

Plus very high quality Personalized Notebooks for each module
Course starts at 9.30am everyday. 
Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Coffee Snacks Included. 

(Stay excluded)
All material for the course, hands on and patients will be provided in the course. 

You just have to bring your apron and N95s


Course Fees:

1) Instalments 

First Module Rs. 1,00,000/-
Second Module Rs. 35,000/-
Third Module Rs. 35,000/-
Fourth Module Rs. 35,000/-
Total Rs. 2,05,000/-

2) One time Full Payment -
Discount of Rs.15,000/-
Total is Rs.1,90,000/-

3) If two of you register together, each get discount of Rs. 5,000/-  
If three or more register together, each get a discount of Rs.10,000/-


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