Dentists Can Work As Physicians Soon!

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INDORE: If all falls in line dentists may soon be able to work as physician. Representatives of dental doctors' association are working to get approval for three-year bridge course after completing BDS degree from Medical Council of India (MCI), which will enable them to work as physician with MBBS degree.

Dental Council of India former president Dr Mahesh Verma said, "BDS course students study body anatomy and physiology for three years like any MBBS course student. Dentists are good physician too. We are talking terms with the MCI to get approval for bridge course so that dentists can practice as physician."

Dr Verma also said that there are more than 2.5 lakh dentists in the country. On every 2,000 people, there is one dentist, but there is less number of physicians. "If bridge course is approved, it will help overcoming the deficit," he added. He was speaking on the side-lines of the national workshop organised by Indian Society of Periodontology Post Graduate Colloquium 2016, which concluded on Sunday.

Doctors present in the colloquium exhorted on following ethics during treatment of patients. "Doctors should not force the patient for going through implant or buying medicines from one shop. We need to aware the patient about dental diseases and should inform them that toothache occurs only when the disease turn serious," said Dr Verma.

Organizing Secretary Dr Gagan Jaiswal informed the audience about treatment of pyorrhea through laser. "Dental diseases are common, but due to increase in awareness, number of patients has also increased. Earlier, only 15 patients used to come with dental diseases in New Delhi. The figure has turned double now. However, even after increasing awareness, 70 per cent of the population is still suffering from dental diseases," he said.

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Source: The Times of India