Basic Components Of Dental Website

1st COMPONENT: Domain Name

Just like we humans get unique identity with our name, a dental practice website also needs a unique name which is termed as “Domain Name”. The domain name of any website has two components,

For example in case of drpranav is the 1st component while .com is the second component. The 1st component can be the name of your practice or your name etc. Whereas the 2nd component can be any extension such as .com, .in,, edu, .net and there are many more options.

Over 32.64 crore domain names have been already booked till 1st quarter of 2016. So even if you are not planning to get a website soon, still it is advised to at least book your domain name before someone else gets it.

You can register the domain name today from websites like Godaddy, Bigrock and there are many more sellers in the market.

2nd COMPONENT: Designing & Development

Web designing refers to both esthetics and usability of website which is done with the help of design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and other visible elements to create a layout.

Web development refers to adding soul to the web design in order to make it lively. The web developer defines the Functionality of a website using various programming languages.

3rd COMPONENT: Web Hosting

A website is developed locally and can be accessed via that particular computer only. In order to make your website visible and accessible to everyone you have to use hosting services. The web hosting service providers sell or lease the servers to end users like you and me to store website on their web server that connects to World Wide Web and makes your website available 24/7.

The annual charges of web hosting depends on several factors i.e. the server type, server space and the bandwidth.

At DentistFriend we offer web designing and development services exclusively for dental professionals. We have huge range of websites that can meet your requirements, within your budget. Please note that we do not design websites which are not related to dental industry.