Dental Practice Branding: Mistakes To Avoid In Your Dental Clinic's Website

Written by Dr.Pranav Agale

When it comes to web development; technical team takes care of the esthetics & functionality but since they have limited knowledge of dentistry there are chances of some really stupid mistakes which can dramatically impact website's effectiveness.


So you have to take care of certain areas & the best thing is that these small mistakes can be easily avoided. I have compiled a list of the 3 common mistakes with helpful advice on how to avoid them...




Do not copy and paste the content from other websites because if you copy content from other websites the chances are that your website will be penalized by Google.


Write your own content & avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes


Medical Terminologies

Do not use medical terminologies; remember that the website is for patients & they should understand the concept.


For example instead of writing "midline diastema" use space in anterior teeth. Instead of using "maxilla" write upper jaw.



Consider Patient

Remember you patient is not interested in just looking at the dentition. Patients recognize changes in esthetics when you show them the complete facial profile.


Also take permission from your patient before you publish his/her clinical photographs on your website.


Avoid posting images of surgical cases with blood field. Remember your patients doesn’t want to see the blood field; it might scare them and probably he will avoid the treatment seeing the complexity so avoid images with blood field.



Provide valid contact details

Use standard email id of your website for example use as your email id instead of or etc.



Do not provide incomplete information.



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