Shift Your Focus & Take Your Dental Implant Practice to Next Level

Written by Dr. Mayur Khairnar

Many young dentists are seeking dental implant training & dental implantology is no more a rocket science. Setting up practice for implants require a heavy investment; such as buying surgical kit, physio-dispenser and stocking the components.

The competition is getting tougher & tougher with every passing day & it becomes frustrating when the dental practitioners fail to generate adequate revenue from implant practice after investing heavily.

We have done general survey at multiple dental centers for analyzing on frequency of patients with different category of missing teeth requiring teeth replacement. Almost similar pattern of frequency patient were observed in all centre. The general distribution of patients with missing teeth in day-to-day clinical practice was found to be as follows


 Single edentulous space


 Bilateral edentulous space


 Unilateral edentulous space 


 Anterior edentulous space


 Combination of above


Complete edentulous Jaw










You must be wondering that what the significance of this analysis is? It was observed that many clinicians focus Implant practice on 20% of patients with single edentulous space, since these are most easy cases.

Logically they are right but actually this is where the problem begins! Patients with single edentulous space are the most difficult to convince for implant treatment. This class have an option of getting fixed teeth by means of Dental Bridge also. Even if these patients decide not to replace their teeth, they can still manage to continue chewing function.

However, remaining 80% of patients do not have alternative to receive dental bridge. Hence they are left out with an option of using only Dental implants to receive fixed teeth.

Very few clinicians focus on these 80% of patient population as most of the times such cases are difficult & challenging which may require bone build up procedure but changing concepts in implantology can overcome your difficulty & greatly revolutionize your dental practice. 


Bone build up & Sinus Lift procedure takes 6 – 9 months of time to deliver fixed teeth to the patient. It also requires multiple surgical appointments to complete treatment. Majority of paying class patient have less time, few of them are apprehensive thus simply refuses complex treatment plan. This severity is further amplified if the jaw bone is atrophied and associated with severe bone deficiency. Nevertheless, many patient refuses treatment because of the need for multiple surgical appointments required for bone build up procedure. The other reason for avoiding implants is huge amount of time required to receive fixed teeth.. Treatment period of 6-9 months is sometime annoying for patients who decide to undergo treatment.

In severe atrophied bone cases, even if some patient decides to undergoes treatment, they are simply rejected by ,many dentist due to the reason that  ‘there is no sufficient bone to receive implants’ or they are given more compromised option of Implant supported removable overdenture or just mere removable dentures. Removable denture does not significantly improve quality of life of these patients compared to fixed teeth. No patient will like to die with his teeth in a glass of water.

However, if treatment provider can successfully satisfy remaining 80% of patient population, Cost profit to clinician is enormous. Changing focus can make way difference in clinical practice.  


Factor to be respected to convert cases who are willing to have fixed implant teeth but refuse treatment due to time, complex bone grafting, etc..

Ø Time –if we can reduce treatment time from 2-9 months to 1-3 days, conversion ratio will be high.

Ø Avoid bone grafting whenever possible  – if we use available residual bone and avoid hassles of bone grafting, sinus lift surgery without compromising end results, conversion will be high.

Ø Minimally invasive surgery- Flapless surgery can be helpful to reduce fear and apprehension of patient. 

Ø Improvise Operator skills and technique to manage no bone cases. 

Ø Ideal Implant system supporting the real science of bone and not the market influenced implant and bone graft industry. The science of Cortical Strategic implant can help to achieve immediate Functional Loading result in shortest duration without any requirement for bone augmentation. Moreover, the procedure can be accomplished with flapless surgical approach. It utilizes basal bone of the jaw which is always present even in most deficient Jaw bone cases Due to single piece nature and its polished surface, problems of abutment screw loosening and peri –implantitis can be eradicated completely. 


Conventional way of doing implant treatment is not the only way to achieve implant supported fixed teeth. Changing concept in dental implantology to Cortical bone fixation can greatly revolutionize dental implant practice by delivering patient desired results. It can save 98% of patient treatment time by avoiding long term treatment plan. Also, the total fees is received in 3- 5 days whereas with conventional delayed loading implants it is split over 2- 9 months period of time in multiple installments.

If we understand patients do not come to us for bone, they come to us for Teeth, and accordingly perform the treatment, they will be definitely attracted to your practice.

Immediate Loading is effective and successful way of delivering fixed implant teeth in limited time period. It avoids risky bone augmentation procedure and multiple surgical appointments. This really attracts patient for the implant treatment. It also provides clinicians to achieve higher profit in shorter duration. Although the learning curve to master this science is not as easy but one need to receive proper training to give desirable results even in most atrophied jaw bone situation.

It’s just a matter of changing focus to Improve Dental Implant Practice to Next Level!

In subsequent articles, you will be updated about the details of management of cases with immediate functional loading cortical Strategic implant in 3 days.




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