One Year Workshop On Fixed Orthodontics At Nagpur

One Year Workshop On Fixed Orthodontics At Nagpur
23-09-2017 to 24-09-2017
8:30 Am to 6:00 Pm
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Dr.Pranav Agale

Orthodontics is not all about wire bending. In fact, nowadays everything is available in the market in preformed manner. Orthodontics is about precision. It's about creating beautiful smiles. It's about job satisfaction. Our orthodontic workshop is designed in such a way that the general practitioner can start working on new cases right after the first module. We encourage our students to keep orthodontic patients ready in their own clinic so that they can start working on their own patients immediately after the first module and continue with the treatment protocol as the course progresses. This way the course fees can be generated as the modules continue.

Each module comprises of lectures and demonstrations in the morning and noon hours followed by its applications on patients in the afternoon post lunch.

The course has been simplified to train any level of General Dentist to add orthodontics into their practice. 

Course Highlights:

The total workshop duration is 16 days spread in 8 modules over a period of a year. Each module is of 2 days. The 1st 4 Modules are held in consecutive months and remaining 4 modules in every alternate month.

Introduction to fixed orthodontics

Instrumentation and Armamentarium.

Introduction to BEGG appliance.

ROTH technique.

MBT techniques and its application.

Diagnosis and Treatment plan.

Cephalometric tracing.


Welding Exercises.

Principles of fixed orthodontics

Banding Technique & exercises

Arch Wire Bending Exercises

Wire Separators and elastic separators placing Exercises on Models.& patients

Practicing of different Archwire Placement

Permanent Anchorage Preparation with SS Wire Making Exercises

Habit Breaking Appliances.

Retention appliances.

Applications of auxiliaries such as...

Elastics, E-Chain, open coil springs, closed coil springs, Elastic Modules, Ligature tying

Case discussions, dealing with complicated cases,

Surgical orthodontics.

Recent Advancements in Orthodontics.

Clear aligner and its application.

LINGUAL orthodontics.


We Provide basic instruments required for practicing orthodontics and Certificates. CD’s and study material is also provided after completion of the course.

On top of everything post course, online assistance will be provided.

Above all, if any of the students wish to work under the orthodontist during his practice or during his visits to other cities; he or she will be allowed to do so; to gain further experience



Please Contact On +91 8855005000 For Details


Course fee includes Ortho Instrument Kit

Please Contact  +91 8855005000 For Further Details

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