How To Build A Successful Private Dental Practice?

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Posted On: June 2nd, 2015      
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Years back dentistry used to be a profession of a few but it has become one of the most prolific career option now a days. Today's dental graduates are under far more stress compared to their seniors few years back.


I have tried to outline some basic causes that lead to stress and their remedies. Take care of these facts of life and you will notice your dental life getting on track.


1. Get rid of the POW




    W = WORRY


If you are a new graduate, you will agree that dentistry has become a crowded place but that doesn't at all mean that you can't make name & fame. Of course it might take a bit longer than it used to..


So when you enter into private practice don't over imagine that things will fall in to place and you will be in immediate demand; instead be ready to take it day by day!


Remember it’s a game of patience; worrying is not the solution. Rather it is better to set goals and try to achieve them.


I'm sure that sooner or later you will agree with my point. 



2. Count your chickens before they hatch


Dental profession requires investment of both your time & money. Not only you have to invest in studies but also in establishment of clinic & this financial investment never end.


You should have a target on where you want to be in specific period of time i.e. Time: Money balance.


Spending beyond what you have can be a very risky proposition. Financial debt is one of the biggest reasons of stress for many. Remember it’s your or your parent’s hard earned money, so plan precisely and manage your funds properly and never spend on anything just because some of your colleague did it.



3. Work Life Balance


Family is the fulcrum between your personal & professional life. In the pursuit of professional success, never let go of the family. Because- "Success in dental practice" is directly proportional to time you spend with your family whereas "Stress" is inversely proportional to time you spend with family.


The less time you give to your family the more stressful dentistry will feel to you. You need motivation to succeed & there can’t be stronger motivation than to work and improve the life of your family members both professionally and personally.



4. Don’t Just Live- Be Alive!


It is good to chase your dreams but do not forget that "A healthy mind resides in a healthy body". Dentistry is tough on body; with age there are chances of back pain & fatigue creeping in. Take some time out of your busy schedule for yourself. Divert yourself from dentistry; spend some time for your hobbies. Hobbies are the great stress busters; it can be anything singing, photography, travelling, dancing, cooking or anything… but spend some time with yourself  


These activities reduces your stress & helps you in reaching the professional excellence



5. Take It Easy


There will be a lot of people around you who won't stop criticizing dental profession but take it easy! Don't overreact to such cynic personalities! That will save you from a lot of stress.


There is nothing wrong is discussing negative aspects of field. That in a way keeps you informed about the possible problems in your profession and eventually you might come out with some solution..



6. Follow "No Comparison" Policy


A lot of dentists have the habit of comparing themselves with graduates of other streams. This comparison is of no use; it won’t do anything than adding further stress to your life.


So get out of it; stop comparing & if you can’t stop comparing yourself with other professionals; it is better to get out of dentistry. Also learn to be grateful in life, be thankful for what all you have and then work hard for more.


You must have heard the saying


"Work with an aim on the target but not worrying about the target"





Well then my dentist friends! These are some of the mantras I learned about dental life from my seniors and staffs and they learned it after years of struggle. These positive habits can't be acquired overnight but are as practical as sun rising in the east everyday!


Remember! to be successful in dental career, you need to have the power to tackle the stress and now you know how to!


Feel Good, Live Good, Do Good: Happy Dentistry! All the best for a successful dental career.