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+91 8805 11 0000
Date : 22-07-2021 To 25-07-2021
Duration : 1 Year
Timing : 09:00 AM To 06:00 PM
Total Hours : 360
Category : Orthodontics
Available Seats : Limited
Venue : Shri Dental Clinic, S P Road, Near Hotel Sahyadri, Nashik, Maharashtra, India
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Orthotrain With 4 Modules:


First module is of 4 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

Second to fourth Modules are of 2 days each (Sunday & Monday)


Total 10 Days Spread Over More Than A Year


First module has to be done first. If a participant misses any next module due to unavoidable circumstances, he/she can attend that module with a subsequent batch at no extra costs.


Orthotrain empowers the dentists to start cases in their practices after the first module itself. Live patient in the first module helps to provide sufficient self-confidence to start cases immediately on the fifth day itself.


Dates of the first module are decided by the course director. Dates of the next batches are not fixed beforehand. On the last day of the module, the dates of the next module are decided by taking into consideration the schedules of the participants. A minimum of two new batches start every year.

Live patient will be provided in the course. Participants will be mentored to diagnose and treat cases from the first module itself.


Module 1:


- Diagnosis

- Model Analysis

- Cephalometric Tracing

- Photographic Analysis

- Case Selection

- Occlusion

- Treatment Planning

- Bonding on Ideal Casts

- Stages of treatment

- Bonding on Typodonts

- Wires and appliances

- Archwires on Typodonts

- Mechano-therapy

- Finishing and Detailing

- Retention



Module 2:


- Biology of Tooth Movement

- Mixed Dentition Treatment

- Serial Extractions

- Banding of Typodonts



Module 3:


- Bio-Mechanics

- Wire-Bending exercises

- Adult Orthodontics

- Patient’s Perception

- Clinical Tips and Errors

- Air-Rotor Stripping

- Management of Class III cases

- Splinting and Fixed Retention



Module 4:


- Surgical Exposure of Canine

- Lingual Orthodontics

- Overview of Begg’s Technique

- Myo-Functional appliances

- Palatal Expansion

- Indirect Bonding

- Orthodontic Micro-Implants

- Inter-Disciplinary Orthodontics


Course Fees:

Enroll For Installment:  Rs.1,75,000/-

One Time Payemnt: Rs.1,60,000/-

For Registration Contact: +91 8805110000

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