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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Dental Photography Daily

Photography has more than 50 applications in dentistry, Here is all you need to know WHY you are missing out on the MOST happening trend in dentistry today.

 April 27th, 2015    By Dental Photography School Read More 
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My Idea Of Being A Stress Free Dentist!

I have observed that over last couple of years life of medical professionals in metros has gone hectic. There has been a significant increase in anger & anxiety

 April 25th, 2015    By Dr. Akash Akinwar Read More 
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6 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Dental Clinic Website

We often focus more on aesthetics of website & end up making some stupid mistakes which unfortunately your development team can't suggest.

 April 20th, 2015    By Dr. Pranav Agale Read More 
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Top 10 Benefits of Having Your Dental Practice Website

In India the internet users are increasing exponentially. According to a report by “Internet Live Stats” (Feb 2015) India is the 3rd largest nation by internet 

 April 13th, 2015    By Dr. Pranav Agale Read More 
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Occupational Hazards and Prevention In Dentistry- An Overview

Despite numerous technical advances in recent years, many occupational health problems still persist in modern dentistry viz. exposure to infections 

 April 11th, 2015    By Dr. Sandra Earnst Read More 
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Dental Practice Branding: Things To Consider Before Setting Up Website For Your Dental Practice

Visitors arrive at your website, they look around, if they don't like what they see, they leave. So it is very important to get their attention quickly. 

 April 10th, 2015    By Dr. Pranav Agale Read More 
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The Price War In Dentistry!

The inflation rate is high in India & with each passing year the price of basic necessities i.e. ROTI, KAPDA Aour MAKAN is increasing.

 April 21st, 2014    By Dr. Pranav Agale Read More 
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Being Dentist: Saturation In Dental Profession; Fact Or Myth?

As a dental student/professional, it is really disappointing to hear someone saying "Why did you choose to become a Dentist? There's no scope in Dentistry." 

 April 8th, 2014    By Dr. Pranav Agale Read More