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Things You Should Know Before Setting Up Private Dental Practice

Many of us are surrounded by people who have negative approach towards the Dental Profession. Staying arround such people... we also start to think negativel

 May 24th, 2015    By Dr. Varun Bajaj Read More 
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How To Have A Bargaining Free Dental Practice?

In my last blog you saw how differentiation can help to have a competition free practice. I had also mentioned about adding "Extra Value", in this blogpost let’

 May 16th, 2015    By Dr. Pranav Agale Read More 
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Dental Practice Branding: Things To Consider Before Setting Up Website For Your Dental Practice

Visitors arrive at your website, they look around, if they don't like what they see, they leave. So it is very important to get their attention quickly. 

 April 10th, 2015    By Dr. Pranav Agale Read More