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Posted On: September 14th, 2017      
 What-After-BDS?, what-after-bds

Are you confused with what to do after your BDS? Read on, probably you will get your answer.
Napoleon said, "The starting point of all achievement is Desire". So dear anonymous, first get it clear in your head, how do you daydream yourself like? 

Is it that you want to be that Dentist who could treat even the most complicated cases with superb finishing; Is it that you want to be known as a researcher and develop advanced dental materials or carry out some large scale surveys, do you want to go slow and steady-learn and explore and finally take a long term settlement; are you a fairly forceful personality who see yourself in a corporate environment-in your chamber controlling things and people around you; do you hate being in this field and think B.D.S was a forced error; or do you say damn doesn't matter how, but I just want to earn some money while I am young and enjoy life!

There are many awesome avenues after B.D.S. and they are all excellent!!! Provided you choose the one you like, and then you tread that path with complete devotion and honesty. B.D.S. is fun, I mean even if you are an insincere student, no matter how bad your teachers were or how average your scores were etc., that was all fun-after graduation comes the serious part of life. So leave all your insincerity (if any) in the college life itself and step in the professional world as a
goal oriented person.

If you are interested in clinics, focus very hard on exclusive P.G. prep and try to get clinical M.D.S. from a government college, failing so, if you may afford, purchase an M.D.S clinical seat in good private college and do not waste precious years, just get rolling in continuity. M.D.S. gives you a maturing curve and makes you a specialist-good consultant may earn up 3-4 lakhs a month. If you do not want to study and still are good at clinics, set up your own clinic, do those little hands-on courses, be pro active in promotion of your clinic, work sincerely, you will earn handsomely. After B.D.S, if you are confident of your ability, you may go to places like Maldives who offer you over 1 lakh/month for a fairly undemanding practice. If you are good at dentistry, you may also try D.D.S. in U.S., yeah, it needs Nat board exams and sometimes M.S. but still worth all the labor, you will end up earning much more than in India in the longer run. If you are
research oriented
go for M.S. in bio-materials, or, seek a PhD program, 5-6 years looks long from here, but when you complete it, you would have frog leaped your peers.

If you did not enjoy that art and sculpturing, if you were a very good convincer, yet had an average finishing with your work-that student who would always work out of the phantom heads, or convince batch mates to work for you, then you may go for allied options like M.D.S. in community dentistry or for that matter O.D.M.R. Community work gives you a possibility to work with W.H.O etc, For staying connected to dentistry, yet, not having to work as a clinician M.P.H in India or D.P.H. in U.S. are good options. You may also go for M.H.A. or M.Rural health after all these 2 yr courses, you would earn decent in India or abroad.

In the end, even if you don't know how to extract a grade 3 mobile incisor, you may still set up a clinic, convince people for specialty practice and still end up earning more than an average skilled practitioner. You may go to Australia and do M.B.A. and while you still study, earn a decent amount doing weekend jobs.

Even if you become a millionaire, you cannot buy that beaconed car labeled Government of India-if you loved that sight and work for a larger public base, you may try U.P.S.C. exams after BDS as well. The Short Commission in INDIAN ARMED FORCES is one fine life defining job, you are an officer there and no work carries more pride and honor than working for the Indian military.


Mate, after B.D.S. you have some fantastic cards in hand, and it is a win-win situation no matter what you pick, when you got in B.D.S. you may have been 17-18 and many a times it is just an impulse decision to do B.D.S., but now you are mature enough to think about your get it clear, choose one and go for it, leave no scope for regret after choosing and if you are sincere in your field, you will end up a winner!!!

P.S.- get out of that anonymous, we all have sailed the same boat.

 What-After-BDS?, what-after-bds

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