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Being Dentist: Love It, Live It, Worth It!

Some of the Indian Dentists say Nowadays Dentistry is saturated in India. You will not find the scope of Dentistry even when you look through microscope. 

 October 10th, 2016    By Dr. Varun Bajaj Read More 
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How To Grow Your Dental Practice With Blogging?

In this technology driven world people prefer to get more information about the product or service before availing them. 

 September 20th, 2016    By Dr. Pranav Agale Read More 
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What After BDS: MBA From Australia

I was thinking of changing my field and get into management full time and that's how the search for better options started.

 September 20th, 2016    By Dr. Sonal Wasade Read More 
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What After BDS: Things To Consider Before Studying Abroad

Even the thought of studying abroad is exciting but I would suggest, not to get lost in the sounds and sights you hear or see around.

 September 20th, 2016    By Dr. Sonal Wasade Read More 
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Financial Management: "Professional Tax" For Dentists

This blog is an attempt to expound the concept of professional tax and help you save on penalties. 

 September 15th, 2016    By Ms. Valerie Francis Read More 
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Students Corner: Process For Getting Migration Certificate From MUHS Nashik

You need Migration Certificate from previous university before joining a new university.

 September 8th, 2016    By Dr. Manish Dabrase Read More 
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3 Reasons: Why Every Dentist Is Special!

There's a great dentist behind every beautiful smile

 August 28th, 2016    By Dr. Mithil Deotare Read More 
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Facts & Myths About Use Of Botulinum Toxin in Dentistry!

We get afraid after hearing the word toxin but this toxin has the real role to play in dental treatments. It is the toxin that helps to age gracefully.

 August 4th, 2016    By Dr. Shourya Sharma Read More 
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Clinical Dentistry: Should Dental Professionals Practice Botox & Dermal Fillers?

Use of Botox in dentistry is relatively a new discovery, so probably its acceptance will take some time among Indian dental professionals. 

 July 28th, 2016    By Dr. Shourya Sharma Read More 
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Communication Tips For Beginners In Implant Practice

This blog post gives you insights on how to communicate effectively with patients seeking dental implant treatment.

 July 25th, 2016    By Dr. Nilesh Bhimani Read More